Revolutionary Love: Disruptive Ethics to Dismantle Racism
Friday, April 28, 12:00 pm through Sunday, April 30, 8:00 pm

Friday, April 28:

12:00p – Registration and Revolutionary Love/L2O Signups

1:00p – Introduction: The Call to Revolutionary Love
Valarie Kaur and Jacqui Lewis

1:45p – Session 1: Where are we? What is needed now?
Serene Jones, Robert P. Jones, Eboni Marshall Turman, and Anurag Gupta

3:45p – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

4:15p – Learning/Listening Circle

5:30p – Dinner Break

7:00p – Session 2: Hearing the Call to Love Neighbor
Brian McLaren, Traci C. West, and more

8:30p – Break

9:00p – Pub Theology
Jacqui Lewis, Valarie Kaur, and Jim Keat


Saturday, April 29:

8:00a – Coffee and Registration/Centering
Allison Mickelson

8:30a – Session 3: Solidarity in the Flesh: Tools and Tactics
Traci Blackmon, Rebecca Parker, Yara Allen, and Darnell Moore

10:30a – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

11:00a – Session 4: Revolutionary Love: Confronting Opponents? 
Miguel De La Torre, Joanne Braxton, Zainab Salbi, and Bryan Epps

1:00p – Lunch

2:15p – Session 5: Confronting Opponents with Love—Tools and Tactics
Valarie Kaur, Macky Alston, and Micky ScottBey Jones

4:15p – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

4:45p – Listening/Learning Circles

6:00p – Dinner Break

7:30p – Art for the Movement: RIKERS Film Screening
Bill Moyers


Sunday, April 30:

9:00a – Coffee and Conversation

9:30a – Celebration! Worship A
Jacqui Lewis preaching
Middle Church Choir, Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir, and Genesis Be


9:30a – Listening/Learning Circles

10:45a – Break

11:15a – Celebration! Worship B
Jacqui Lewis preaching
Middle Church Choir, Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir, Genesis Be


11:15a – Listening/Learning Circles

12:45p – Lunch

2:00p – Session 6: The Ethics of Disruption
Genesis Be, Shaun King

3:30p – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

4:00p – Session 7: Prophetic Resistance: Love of Self as Revolution
Jennifer Bailey, Dana Flynn, Michael J. Crumpler

5:30p – Reception

6:30p – Closing Keynote and Worship
The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II preaching
Yara Allen and BETTY