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Revolutionary Love Conference

Disruptive Ethics to Dismantle Racism


Revolutionary Love Conference

Disruptive Ethics to Dismantle Racism

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Revolutionary Love: Disruptive Ethics to Dismantle Racism

Now is the time for leaders—ethical leaders—to lead. Leaders who feel called and equipped to make America well, to make America just, to make America safe for all of those who are on the margins. Leaders impassioned to work for a healed and whole nation that is a faithful global neighbor. Join us as we strategize across generations at Revolutionary Love: Disruptive Ethics to Dismantle Racism at Middle Church in NYC, April 28–30, 2017.

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Register (2018!)

Join us in New York City at Middle Church on
April 6-8, 2018 for Revolutionary Love: Complete the Dream.

Join the movement for Revolutionary Love, repairing the breach and restoring hope.


Register (2018!)

Join us in New York City at Middle Church on
April 6-8, 2018 for Revolutionary Love: Complete the Dream.

Join the movement for Revolutionary Love, repairing the breach and restoring hope.


Complete the Dream: April 6—8, 2018

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Yara Allen, Director of Cultural Arts for Repairers of the Breach; theomusicologist for the Forward Together Moral Movement; poet, activist, muiscian, and visual artist.

Macky Alston, senior vice president for strategy and growth at Auburn, where he works to equip faith leaders to stand for justice through the media.


Jennifer Bailey, founder and Executive Director of Faith Matters Networks, public theologian in the multifaith movement for justice, and elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


William J. Barber, architect of the Moral Mondays Movement, and President of Repairers of the Breach, Inc.

Genesis Be, artist and activist, founder of youth-empowerment campaign Strive Till I Rise, and graduate of the NYU Clive Davis Institude of Recorded Music.

Traci Blackmon, a pastor near Ferguson, Missouri, acting executive director of UCC Justice and Witness ministries, and prominent voice for social change.

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Joanne Braxton, David B. Larson Fellow in Spirituality and Health at the Library of Congress John W. Kluge Center, activist, poet, author, and ordained minister.

Caitlin Breedlove, LGBTQ activist, current Vice President of Movement Leadership at Auburn Seminary, and former leader of Southerners on New Ground (SONG).

Michael Crumpler, LGBTQ and Intercultural Programs Manager for the Unitarian Universalist Association, organizer, pastor, advocate.

Khalil Cumberbatch, a formerly incarcerated advocate for social justice, graduate of CUNY Herbert Lehman College's MSW program, currently Manager of Training at Just Leadership USA 

Hector "Benny" Custodio, Senior Pastor at Immanuel-First Spanish United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, formerly incarcerated advocate for prison reform.

Miguel De La Torre, author of Liberating Sexuality: Justice Between the Sheets and The U.S. Immigration Crisis: Toward an Ethics of Place.

Bryan Epps, social strategist and community lover, Newark native, founding board chair of People's Prep High School and advisory board chair of HMI:NJ.

Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO of Be More, licensed attorney, academic researcher, expert in mindfulness and the eradication of bias.

Mickey ScottBey Jones, womanist contemplative activist, nonviolent organizer, writer, and Director of Healing Justice with Faith Matters Network.

Robert P. Jones, founding CEO of Public Religion Research Institutde, commentator on religion and politics, and author of The End of White Christian America.

Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary, prolific scholar in the fields of theology, religion, globalization, and gender studies.

Van Jones, activist, political commentator, author of The Green Collar Economy and Rebuild the Dream, and leader of the #LoveArmy social justice movement.

Valarie Kaur, civil rights lawyer, filmmaker, and Sikh activist; founder of Groundswell Movement and the Revolutionary Love Project

David Kyuman Kim, scholar of race, religion, and public life, and Professor of Religious Studies and American Studies, Connecticut College

Shaun King, writer, civil rights activist, organizer of The Injustice Boycott.

Stephanie Kolin, Associate Rabbi of Central Synagogue, writer, former co-director of the Union for Reform Judaism's Just Congregations

Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church and the author of The Power of Stories: A Guide for leaders of multi-cultural, multi-racial congregations.

Brian McLaren, activist and networker among innovative faith leaders, and author of A New Kind of Christianity, A Generous Orthodoxy, and The Great Spiritual Migration.

Darnell Moore, activist, Senior Correspondent at MicNews, and writer-in-residence at the Center on African American Religion, Sexual Politics and Social Justice at Columbia University.

Bill Moyers, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist for more than four decades and producer of new documentary, RIKERS.


Rebecca Parker, former president of the Unitarian Universalist Starr King School for the Ministry and co-author of Proverbs of Ashes: Violence, Redemptive Suffering, and the Search for What Saves Us.

Roz Pelles, Executive Director of Repairers of the Breach, organizer for civil and workers' rights, former Director of the North Carolina NAACP.

Charles Randolph-Wright, award-winning film, television, and theatre director; television producer; screenwriter and playwright known for Motown, Love in Afghanistan, and many more.

Zainab Salbi, an Iraqi American author, activist, media commentator, and the founder and former CEO of Washington-based Women for Women International.

Eboni Marshall Turman, author, ordained minister, public theologian, and Assistant Professor of Theology and African American Religion at Yale University Divinity School. 

Rob Stephens, Associate Minister for Justice and Organizing at Middle Church, and a former Field Secretary for the North Carolina NAACP. 

Traci West, author of Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women's Lives Matter and scholar-activist who teaches ethics and African American Studies at Drew University Theological School.

BETTY, activist pop rock band whose work—including the theme song for Showtime Television's The L Word—fiercely represents the group's belief in equal rights and feminism.

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April 28-30
New York City


April 28-30
New York City

Revolutionary Love: Disruptive Ethics to Dismantle Racism
Friday, April 28, 12:00 pm through Sunday, April 30, 8:00 pm

Friday, April 28:

12:00p – Registration and Revolutionary Love/L2O Signups

1:00p – Introduction: The Call to Revolutionary Love
Valarie Kaur and Jacqui Lewis

1:45p – Session 1: Where are we? What is needed now?
Serene Jones, Robert P. Jones, Eboni Marshall Turman, and Anurag Gupta

3:30p – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

4:00p – Session 2: Love Army
Van Jones

5:00 – Dinner Break

6:30p – Session 3: Hearing the Call to Love Neighbor
Brian McLaren, Traci C. West, Caitlin Breedlove, Rob Stephens, and Roz Pelles

8:00p – Break

8:30p – Pub Theology
Jim Keat


Saturday, April 29:

8:00a – Coffee and Registration/Centering
Allison Mickelson

8:30a – Session 4: Solidarity in the Flesh: Tools and Tactics
Traci Blackmon, Rebecca Parker, Yara Allen, and Darnell Moore

10:30a – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

11:00a – Session 5: Revolutionary Love: Confronting Opponents? 
Miguel De La Torre, Joanne Braxton, Zainab Salbi, and Bryan Epps

1:00p – Lunch

2:15p – Session 6: Confronting Opponents with Love—Tools and Tactics
Valarie Kaur, Macky Alston, Micky ScottBey Jones, and David Kyuman Kim

4:00p – Listening/Learning Circles

5:30p – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

6:00p – Dinner Break

7:30p – Art for the Movement: RIKERS Film Screening
Bill Moyers, Khalil Cumberbatch, and Hector "Benny" Custodio


Sunday, April 30:

9:00a – Coffee and Conversation

9:30a – Celebration! Worship
Jacqui Lewis preaching
Middle Church Choir, Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir, Genesis Be

10:45a – Break

11:15a – Listening/Learning Circles

12:45p – Lunch

2:00p – Session 7: The Ethics of Disruption
Genesis Be, Aunjanue Ellis, Stephanie Kolin, and Charles Randolph-Wright

3:30p – Revolutionary Love/L2O Break

4:00p – Session 8: Prophetic Resistance: Love of Self as Revolution
Jennifer Bailey, Dana Flynn, and Michael J. Crumpler

5:30p – Reception

6:30p – Closing Keynote and Worship
The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II preaching
Yara Allen and BETTY