“Race is a social construct,” says Jim Wallis from the stage of the 2016 Revolutionary Love conference at Middle Church. “We invented it. We made it up to justify our greed."

The racism in our country can easily leave us feeling hopeless. But Jim is always hopeful. “Our job,” he reminds us, “is to provide the hope that too often isn’t there.

Hope is not a feeling. It is a decision that you make because of this thing called faith. Hope means believing in spite of the evidence and then watching that evidence change.

And how we do the change, Jacqui Lewis reminds us, is just as important as the change that we do. Because together we can build an interreligious, intergenerational, multifaith movement that can heal the world.

“You are the one.” (Jacqui’s talking to you right now.) "You are the only one who will be in the place that you need to be to say the thing that needs to be said to do the things that needs to be done. You are the only one. And your qualification is only this: you are human."

Because Revolutionary Love will kick hatred in the butt. And twice on Sunday.


Watch the full video below and register today to join us for the 2017 Revolutionary Love conference on April 28-30 at Middle Church in New York, NY.