Middle Collegiate Church convenes
William Barber, Valarie Kaur, Brian McLaren, Ruby Sales, Linda Sarsour,
and a cadre of partners, movement builders, artists, influences, and activists at our 14th Annual National Gathering:

Revolutionary Love
Toward a more perfect union
April 24–26, 2020 | washington dC

All Souls Church, Unitarian | 1500 Harvard St. NW, Washington, DC 20009

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, declare a national state of emergency.

In order to establish a justice system that works for everyone;
In order to ensure tranquility and peace that means not just the absence violence and hate speech but also the presence of wholeness and wellness.
In order to promote the general welfare—a living wage for all workers, equal pay for women, and a safety net for our seniors and the vulnerable; In order to secure the blessings of liberty for Black and Brown people, indigenous people, our LGBTQIA+ family, immigrants, and for our posterity;
In order to preserve the civil and human rights for all who live on this stolen land and in order to care for our planet—

We must take back our democracy, and we must do it right now.

Come to D.C. Bring Your Community. To learn. To strategize. To organize. To mobilize. To share best practices and tools. To network and build coalitions. To take Love-in-action to the streets and to the polls. Register today!

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Current Registration Rates:
Early Bird Registration: $269 (from $399)
Early Bird Group Rate: $239 per person (from $399), for a group of five or more

Middle Church Member Rate:
To register at the SPECIAL rate available to the first 100 Middle Church member registrations, please email Nes Martinez at nsmartinez@middlechurch.org. This DEEP DISCOUNT is valid ONLY THROUGH ELECTION DAY, November 5.

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About The Conveners:

Middle Collegiate Church is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, inter-generational movement of Spirit and justice, powered by Revolutionary Love, with room for all. Fueled by our faith expressed in art; transformed by moral imagination, we work in inter-religious partnerships to build the Reign of God on earth. www.middlechurch.org

All Souls Church, Unitarian is a progressive, diverse, spirit-growing, justice-seeking religious community in the heart of DC. We walk diverse paths, united by our belief in the worth and dignity of all, and the obligation to express our faith through acts of justice and compassion. www.all-souls.org

The Middle Project prepares ethical leaders for a more just society. Rooted in faith; 
committed to serve; inspired to lead, the Middle Project takes its strength and approach from the progressive faith traditions that have played a major role in America’s greatest democratic achievements. www.middleproject.org

Vote Common Good understands that American culture, law, and politics have deep roots in religious narratives. We believe new religious imagination will change America and that this transformation will never happen without sustained effort. Vote Common Good and its allies can turn impossible into inevitable. www.votecommongood.com

About the Revolutionary Love Conference
You are invited to gather with movement builders like William Barber, Ruby Sales and Linda Sarsour and partners like Vote Common Good, Repairers of the Breach and the Middle Project at the 14th Annual Convening of activists, artists, and thought leaders who will create strategies designed to hold our elected officials accountable for the state of our union. We will gather, this time, in the heart of our nation--in Washington, D.C. To learn. To strategize. To organize. To share best practices and tools. To take love-in-action to the streets.

Middle Collegiate Church and the The Middle Project, an institute that trains leaders for a just society, offer the Revolutionary Love Conference each April for leaders working toward the Reign of God on Earth. Past conferences have addressed issues such as the power of story to train leaders, the use of artistic worship to create multiracial communities, training leaders to manage change and conflict, analyzing the dynamics of race, gender, class and power, and the connections between faith, justice and the economy.