Middle Collegiate Church, The Middle Project,
All Souls Church, Unitarian &
Vote Common Good
Convene A National Gathering To Take Back Our Democracy

Revolutionary Love
Toward a more perfect union

For 2020 - In Our Nation’s Capital
April 24-26, 2020
All Souls Church, Unitarian | 1500 Harvard St. NW, Washington, DC 20009

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About The Conveners:

Middle Collegiate Church is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, inter-generational movement of Spirit and justice, powered by Revolutionary Love, with room for all. Fueled by our faith expressed in art; transformed by moral imagination, we work in inter-religious partnerships to build the Reign of God on earth. www.middlechurch.org

All Souls Church, Unitarian is a progressive, diverse, spirit-growing, justice-seeking religious community in the heart of DC. We walk diverse paths, united by our belief in the worth and dignity of all, and the obligation to express our faith through acts of justice and compassion. www.all-souls.org

The Middle Project prepares ethical leaders for a more just society. Rooted in faith; 
committed to serve; inspired to lead, the Middle Project takes its strength and approach from the progressive faith traditions that have played a major role in America’s greatest democratic achievements. www.middleproject.org

Vote Common Good understands that American culture, law, and politics have deep roots in religious narratives. We believe new religious imagination will change America and that this transformation will never happen without sustained effort. Vote Common Good and its allies can turn impossible into inevitable. www.votecommongood.com